These are a beautiful top of the line glamour high heeled doll.
The Cissy model is jointed at the shoulder, hip, and neck.
She bends at the knee,ankle, and elbow.
She is approximately 21 inches tall.
Her clothes are very well made and classic in design.
The Elise doll is from the fifties.  She bends at the knee, elbow, and ankle.
She is jointed at the neck, hip, and shoulder.  She is
16 inches tall and also wears very classy tagged fashions from the fifties.  What a beauty!
The Cissette is just as fashionable in the 9 inch size.
She is jointed at the knee, hip, shoulder, and neck.
Cissy is wearing a Monique wig on the left and her original wig on the right.
Her dress is a tagged and lined blue dotted swiss.
Her shoes are not original.
Below she is helping Elise with a new hairdo.
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fifties dolls.
I do not have many outfits for the Elise.
She is my favorite doll because she is very pretty and easy to pose.
Finally my own vintage dress.
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