I just acquired this
Dollikin and box in
The box is in great
and the doll has
pretty red hair.
A set of pink and
blue curlers came
with her.
19 inches tall
This is the 14 inch size dollikin.
I believe she has 14 joints.  I'll let you know.
I just bought her in late February 2009.
She should arrive by Friday.
She is just adorable.
This is the most common outfit for her.
I've seen her in the Lotus Blossom oriental outfit the larger dolls wear.
I've only seen pictures.
Go directly to the links below for specific
models of fifties dolls.
This is my newly acquired
14 inch Dollikin
known as Squirt.
I have been sewing for her.
She arrived just in time to get a
Valentine's Day dress and then an
Easter dress and bonnet.
Minnie is with her friends Rene, Ruby, and
Her yellow dress was made by NATALIE.
Her pants and shirt were made from a 1950's
doll pattern as were all her other clothes.
My first Rini is to the left modeling the
Valentine's Day outfit.