Dollikin Doll by Uneeda
This doll was manufactured in two sizes in the late 50’s or early 60’s.
The 14 inch is very rare.  You can still find many of the 19 inch size.
The glamorous clothing is more difficult to find.
This doll has 16 joints which makes her fun to pose.
Her hair is easy to curl and style.
She has an adorable face too.
I am fortunate to have 4 in original clothing and shoes.
Also, below are some other jointed dolls.
The Dollikins invited Elise and Marjorie to their party.
See close ups of Marjorie below.
The Rini Doll has 14 joints.  She is 14 inches tall.
She is a recreation of the Horseman Doll “Cindy” and the Dollikin.
Rini in lavender wig.
Rini in borrowed Gene
gray silk.
More photo
albums below.
I put Belle Marjorie with the
because she is jointed at the knee
and she is the only one I have.  She
is about 18 inches tall and has the
face of a MA Cissy.  She is very